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Your vehicle maintenance specialists!

Proper and safe auto maintenance, diagnostics and servicing is out specialty!

From a diagnosing a check engine light to alignments, K-ceps Service Center has the equipment and the experience staff to provide your vehicle with the care it needs and deserves.

Every K-ceps technician follows the manufacturer’s guidelines (OEM procedures) to ensure the safest and most accurate repairs and maintenance performed on your specific vehicle. You can depend on us as a superior provider of auto maintenance in both Granville & Johnstown, OH.

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Our superior services offer you and your family quality you can trust

Experienced Staff

K-ceps Auto Body & Service Center’s experience begins with our technicians. With over 50 years experience in the automotive industry, we can offer you unique and safe solutions. 

Air Conditioning Service Repair

Did you know that without regular maintenance an air conditioner loses about 5% of its original efficiency per year? Without the proper maintenance your air conditioning may not be functioning as it should.

Air Filters

In order for your vehicle to run, it needs an exact mixture of fuel and air. The air for this mixture first goes through the air filter to protect the engine from dirt and other particles that could harm it.


When your vehicle alignment is not proportioned correctly, two issues may occur:

  1. Driving becomes more expensive
  2. Driving becomes more dangerous

Batteries and Electrical System

Let’s face it: you can have the most meticulously maintained vehicle on the road, but it won’t start without the right battery – properly installed and appropriately fitted – for your driving needs. From ignition to door locks, your car battery allows you to get from point “A” to point “B.” 

Belts and Hoses

Among all the equipment in your vehicle, belts and hoses have the shortest lifespan. These components often crack, leak, or fray due to their constant exposure to heat, vibration, and other harmful chemicals. If not promptly replaced and maintained, it could spell disaster for your vehicle’s performance. 

Brake Service

Continually striving to master every aspect of automotive care, ASE technicians follow Motorist Assurance Program Uniform Inspection Guidelines for your vehicle’s braking system to assure safe, smooth driving. When your mechanic is wearing the ASE patch, don’t expect to get to know him—you won’t be back in a long time! 

Tire Sales and Installation

Your vehicle’s tires make constant contact with the road. Over time and with normal wear-and-tear, your become worn down. This can be dangerous when braking on wet or snow-covered roads. K-ceps Service Center is here to help you stay safe by checking and replacing overly worn tires.

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